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I’ve known and worked closely with Casey Altman for the last two years and have appreciated every minute. I look for three key attributes in a boutique design shop: artistic talent, technological acumen, and business fundamentals. Casey Altman Design delivers unique and impactful creative, across multiple digital and print vehicles — all on time and on budget. Casey and her staff are dedicated, detail oriented, and efficient. I would strongly recommend Casey Altman Design to my colleagues and friends.

Further, Ms. Altman is a consummate puppy trainer and goofy dancer.
— Chris McGarry, Senior Director of Columbia University Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Design.
Casey Altman has a remarkably keen eye for web design and gets the work done quickly. I highly recommend her.
— Seth Greenland, acclaimed American novelist and most recently author of The Hazards of Good Fortune.
I am super excited to have a new website for all of our puppy lovers to enjoy and access information about our Miniature Golden Retrievers. One of our future puppy parents owns a graphic and web design company in New York, Casey Altman Design. Casey built our website and did an amazing job creating a puppy journal of all of our puppies born here at Taylormade. She developed a very organized way of finding information about your future puppy and keeping tabs on puppies from past litters. I highly recommend Casey to anyone in need of a website. She has been AMAZING! I seriously cried when I saw the final product, I hope you enjoy it!
— Michele Taylor, Breeder at Taylormade Miniature Golden Retrievers
Casey Altman Design absolutely crushed the filter for my 25th birthday party! Made the night so special and unforgettable. Casey Altman f***ing rocks!!
— Sam K, Snapchat filter
Casey went above and beyond my expectations for building my website. Not only did she create a beautiful site, but she also took the time to teach me all the necessary tools I needed in order to manage and maintain it. From personal tutorials to constantly changing details for me as my decisions changed, I can’t imagine working with anyone else. I’m so grateful for her talent and her customer service. She made the process as fun and stress-free as possible. Thanks Casey!!
— Natalie Zises, Food Coach & Culinary Tutor, Pharmacy Kitchen
Casey Altman Design — well it’s all about Casey at the end of the day. She is one of the most determined and hard working people I have had the pleasure of working with. Casey never makes excuses for why things can’t happen, instead she works hard to figure out how to deliver what you want. She has an attention to detail and an instinct for design and flow that is rarely seen in my opinion. The last I’ll say is if you’re reading this you are lucky because you found the right person for the job.
— Steve Danelian, Founder of Spotkit, NexgenConcierge, and Guide Giant
Professionalism, talent, accessibility, intelligence. I’m not sure which of these I appreciate most - but it doesn’t matter because Casey exhibits them all. I was a true “novice” about web sites. I told her what I was looking for. Two meetings and presto! A perfect website. But don’t just take my word for it - see for yourself at Inayalof.com.
— Ina Yalof, author of Food and the City
Working with Casey Altman Design was one of the best decisions we ever made. Casey worked tirelessly with such a personal interest to make our website perfect. She had amazing suggestions, yet listened intently to our ideas and magically blended both to give us the result we were hoping for. We continue to work with Casey and her team and hope to grow together!
— Keri + Farrel Starker, Designs That Donate
The talent Casey has and showcases in her work is beyond her years. She started designing our webpage TheCleanLines and has been nothing but amazing! Her branding ideas and creativity have brought new avenues to our company, more then we imagined. We are now using Casey for all our branding designs. She is a true gift!
— April, founder Clean Lines
Casey is a dedicated and driven young women with passion in her field. She has a vision for professionalism and understanding for modern and creative design, which has been evident in her work in branding and marketing the Aspen Strong Foundation. Lastly, Casey is conscientious of time and deadline and exudes a strong ability in helping a team to express their vision. I am honored to work along side with her.
— Christina Marie King MA NCC LPC, Private Practice Licensed Professional Counselor, The Aspen Strong Foundation, 2014
Casey exudes professionalism in every sense of the word. She was an asset to Juice Press, and helped us get so much done with her amazing creative work. Her ability to stick to deadlines and accomplish any task will make her a fit for any organization.
— Malcolm Paulino, Juice Press, 2014
Although we worked together only for a short period of time, I am delighted to write this recommendation for Casey. She was instrumental in preparation of our museum-wide presentation on Image Rights and Reproductions. Casey created a well-designed Powerpoint, gathering information and multiple rounds of edits and revisions from three different departments over a course of few days, including on weekends and while away from the office. During this project, Casey demonstrated remarkable ability, skill, patience, and tireless grace under pressure.
— Dina Sorokina, MoMA, 2012
The service and result I got from Casey Altman was nothing short of extraordinary. Her sense of style, work ethic, accuracy and punctuality are priceless. Hands-down the best investment I’ve made for my business since it’s inception.
— Dr. Belisa Vranich
Casey is not only an incredibly talented graphic designer, but she is also highly intuitive with a wonderful sensibility. She eased my anxieties and also really made this process fun. I would highly recommend her and think the world of her! I am so grateful for her help and expertise.
— Hayley Brooks, CEO of Storyline
I reached out to Casey Altman Design to help me set up my new website. What I didn’t expect was for the design team to help me in so many more aspects of my business. During the process, they were open to my suggestions and really listened and grasped the things I wanted for my website all the while addressing the needs of my clients and future growth. I found their knowledge and creativity to be invaluable.

Casey’s communication and current communication has kept me coming back for more. They are currently helping me with some of my marketing tools and I am over the moon. Her professionalism and honesty are a constant component in her process that I find key to the exceptional work she creates.

I love my website and I am so happy to be working with Casey Altman Design.
— Traci Weintraub, GracefullyFed.com
I’ve been working with Casey Altman and her design team since 2017. Back then, my website needed a significant makeover in anticipation of my memoir’s release. She hit the target by helping me create an aesthetically attractive and relatable online presence. Casey and her team are professionals who deliver excellence in all facets of graphic design and website development.
— Michael O'Brien, author of SHIFT: Creating Better Tomorrows
Casey was invaluable in helping me redesign my website in time for my book launch, a project that felt overwhelming. In addition to her wonderful creative skills, she was able to assist me in organizing and giving shape to my project, creating cohesion out my sometimes million ideas. Casey has a collaborative style, and knows very well how to provide feedback. She and her team are incredibly kind, talented, knowledgeable of current media trends, and always ready to help out. I enjoy working with Casey and highly recommend her work to anyone who would like a beautifully designed website and more!
— Deborah Salazar Shapiro, MSW, Psychotherapist and author of The Magical Mindful Day: A Story About Mindfulness, Connection, and Caring for the Earth
Something important about Casey that separates her from other web designers is that she is really invested in the project whole heartedly. She is there from start to finish (and even after). Casey brings so many ideas to the table because she genuinely cares about the Client and the project and she is somehow able to actually envision what it is that the client wants and create just that.
— Sydney Hertz, All Things Abroad
I worked closely with Casey during her time as a Creative Associate at Juice Press, during which period she contributed to a number of important, brand-building projects. Tackling the graphics for product and store opening mail chimps, in-store product labels, informational brochures, marketing decks, and even creating a go-to, master document for all of our products, Casey’s hard work and enthusiasm were noticed and appreciated by all.
— Rachel Eisenpress, Juice Press, 2014
Casey’s creativity, passion and design skills were intoxicating to the staff and fellow interns. She demonstrated her natural talents as a motivator and leader during the redevelopment of our firm’s Sales and Marketing materials. She was also instrumental in helping us reinvent and implement new systems within the studio. Many times over the three month internship, Casey showed her understanding and craft for design while developing concepts, refining her design sketches, and preparing presentations for client projects. She has excellent hand skills, she is client savvy and a great co-worker and team builder. In fact, Casey was responsible for teaching me some of the main tasks that are essential to my work in maintaining client relationships. Furthermore, Casey’s maturity keeps her feet firmly on the ground.

Without hesitation, I recommend Casey unequivocally for a position working within any creative environment — Casey will excel at any challenge. She is highly motivated to learn and succeed.
— Patrick Seymour, Cofounder & Creative Director, Tsang Seymour, 2013
Casey served as an intern in MoMA’s publications department this summer, and she was one of the best interns I’ve ever worked with. Casey performed important editorial, production, rights and permissions, and business tasks for the entire department. She was particularly helpful during the department’s preparation of a large presentation on image rights and reproduction to the curatorial staff.

Casey participated in two very large projects for the department: MoMA’s first enhanced e-books, and a new edition of the Museum’s best-selling Highlights Collection. Her work was impeccable throughout, and we trusted her to complete her assignments thoroughly, with little oversight.

Casey’s skill level and maturity were comparable to someone with much more work experience, and she was always one of the first people in the office in the morning - during her summer! I recommend Casey very highly and encourage anyone to talk to me in more detail about her internship at MoMA.
— Chul R. (Charles) Kim, Associate Publisher at The Museum of Modern Art, 2012
Casey was a wonderful intern. She was informed about our program and goals at the Museum and enthusiastic about helping us realize them. She was competent and efficient, and in some areas—software programs that could be helpful in our work, for example—she knew more than we did. I recommend her strongly.
— David Frankel, Editorial Director at Museum of Modern Art, 2012
Casey worked on an Image Rights and Reproductions PowerPoint for a presentation by Managers across 3 Museum departments, developing a cohesive layout and organization strategy among the contributing departments in order to efficiently produce the final presentation. She was both diligent and patient with many edits from the collaborators. Although she was working with us as an intern, she happily worked on it out of the office to ensure that it was done both beautifully and on time.
— Jeri Moxley, MoMA, 2012
Casey is such a talented and hard worker. Her presence was really felt during her time on the creative team at Juice Press. Any project she was assigned was handled in a diligent and timely fashion. I will definitely miss her and her positive attitude!
— Jenna Rainey, Juice Press, 2014