Famous Face Twiggy Poster


This project will introduce you to the concepts and techniques of simplification and stylization. First, you'll choose a photographic portrait of an iconic person. You'll take this photo and break it down into simple black and white shapes (no line). Make sure to pay attention to how the shapes follow the contour/volume of the face. Just because where simplifying, doesn't mean everything appears flat. We still need volume. Also pay close attention to how highlights work. The white space is just as important as the black. As you begin the simplification process, you'll also need to start thinking about the "style" you'll be looking to attain for your piece. Is the person complicated, humorous, malicious... how do you define these traits with black and white shapes? How many shapes do you need? What do those shapes look like? If the person is rigid and unapproachable, is the drawing rectangular and sharp?

Project Date



  • Graphic Design
  • Poster Design

Tools Used

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
Twiggy Before

Twiggy Before

Twiggy After

Twiggy After

Pen Drawing in Adobe Illustrator


Illustrate a famous person’s face using the concepts of simplification and stylization.


  1. Lay trace over a 8.5 x 11 print out of your chosen person’s face.
  2. Take a sharpie marker or pencil and begin to simplify the person’s features and lighting into shapes.
  3. Once simplified, begin stylizing the forms to fit the character/personality of your famous person. {Ex. If the person is harsh and dark, then you might use large rigid shapes, dark eyes and sharp irregular points to create the face.}
  4. After completing a finished drawing, scan your face into the computer at 300dpi.
  5. Bring your face into illustrator as a template.
  6. Begin using the pen tool to draw the face into illustrator.
  7. Once drawn, review and rework the drawing to completion.
  8. Present a first finish printed out for review.
  9. Flush mount and turn in the final print for review and grade.

Finished Size: 8.5 x 11 inches—must be flush mounted on firm surface (black board), tissue-flapped, with name on back!